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iPod integration Kit - Mazda Miata

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  • iPod integration Kit - Mazda Miata

    Just had this installed and its taken a bit to get used to how it functions with my Nano 3rd gen.

    Have 3 gripes /complaints.
    1. No FF or RR
    2. I record Podcasts, which for the Integration Kit, use of Playlists the best choice. The Podcast folder itself in iTunes is not recognized by the Mazda.
    3. 3 times this week when at home I plug my Nano into the (Apple's own) docking station, nothing happens. Turns out the Nano froze & I have to reboot it.

    Anyone have similar issues?
    ANY work arounds?
    Is there another product that would work better?
    (Scosche makes a blue tooth kit for ipods, it would connect to the Mazda's Integration Kit - if that kit has the Red & White Audion aux ports. But now that the kit is inside the dash I am not sure that it does. If it does, then with this installation, the ipod's controls could be used rather than the Mazda's radio buttons - any one tried this?).