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Line-in (HQCT tuner), Mic, and PC Audio out

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  • Line-in (HQCT tuner), Mic, and PC Audio out

    I want to use microphone for voice input and line-in for radio (HQCT). My soundcard SB live has got microphone and line input, but there is a switch in the mic jack, so line-in can only be used if there is no microphone connected!

    -- question 1 -- So I need an extra input for the mic. Can I add a soundcard, or maybe configure the PC to use its internal mic input?

    Apart from this I am very happy with my SB live. It contains equalizer and sub output that fits my 2.1 system. (At least I think so at this moment) It also contains noice generator that will be a great tool for measuring frequency curve. I would like to get a flat curve with eq and then use bass and treble control, and maybe loudness.

    -- question 2 -- Have you guys a recommendations in what measuring mic and sw to use?

    -- question 3 -- What about more simple bass/treble type of filter. Any suggestions?

    -- question 4 -- What do you think about letting SB live handle sub out? good enough, or should I use the poweramps filters?

    General points? What do you think?

    help much appreciated
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    Well, I've found that the onboard audio is much better suited for my needs. It can mix microphone, line-in (tuner) as well as wave (pc).

    Audio quality should be good enough. It's applies to Microsoft WHQL/WLP 2.0 audio requirements and has 100dB S/N.

    Its a RealTek device.

    My mobo is the Commell LV-679

    My questions are:
    - how does the sub support work? I have not found a way to set turn-over frequencies. Maybe because I have not connected a sub yet...
    - Can plug-in equalizer be used?
    - Can the mixer/eq be controlled from sw?

    My car installation mp3car thread "showing off project"