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Reduce onboard audio noise

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  • Reduce onboard audio noise

    I've got a liddle board all set up and good to go except - the audio quality out of it is a bit rubbish! Basically building my own car PC on the cheap - using a board off eBay and parts from Maplins/the computer shop I work in.

    Great audio range and power from the thing, it's just it suffers from unclean audio. It's not electrical noise from the power supply per se; it's more like hard-drive noise and "CPU noise", basically anything that is drawing power/processing on the board. So in between songs you hear a steady hiss and rhythmic ticking/clicking noises as it reads from the disk or processes information.

    Obviously I can't modify the motherboard to reduce this, muting all analogue inputs has no effect, so I was wondering, would a USB sound card solve my problems and isolate the noise? I can't use PCI solutions; the space just isn't there.

    any suggestions welcome, I really can't WAIT to get this thing installed :P

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    Well i think using a usb sound card will clean up the noise a bit but it can still be introduced.


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      Yeah I expect so, I just figured putting as much distance between the board and the sound device as possible would help