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Reasonable (and cute) little amp?

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  • Reasonable (and cute) little amp?

    I got a friend on a nutty budget of just 70 who wants to make changes to the sound system in her Micra to get it to match the subwoofer she's got stuffed in the boot.

    The car only has two speakers, they're 16.5cm ones in the door cards. She already has a custom head unit with pre-outs, and the sub is a Fli Trap 10 which is already up and running fine. But it can go a lot louder than the rest of the audio system and she can't crank the volume much before distortion is obvious from the speakers.

    So what kind of teeny amp (to fit out of the way in a cubby hole somewhere) and speakers is anyone aware of for this application? Audiophile stuff isn't neccessary as the budget suggests

    I was thinking something like this for the amp: Boss Audio C150 It's tiny, and as you can see you can grab them on ebay for 30 delivered or near enough. Seems ideal but I can't help worrying about the watts per channel it puts out; isn't that pretty much what you'd expect the head unit to achieve anyway? A waste of 30 quid if that is the case, but what do you think?

    Any suggestions on speakers welcome I think they need to be fairly low profile for a micra, I'll check over the weekend.

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    maybe this?
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      Interesting suggestion! Ideally needs to be cased for extra protection, can't emphasize enough how messy this lot can be. There's lots of amps on eBay that are cased and cheap but they're usually too big. Can you suggest a pair of speakers that sound good at a few pennies?