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Components not working...please help?

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  • Components not working...please help?

    i have recently put in a pc and so had to add 2 4channel amps to supply power for my components. To speeding things up and recude the amount of tearing apart of my car i decided to wire the front and rear, but not the center, speakers through the factory wires. All i did was take some nice 12ga or so copper wire and splice it to the wiring harness adapter i got from Bestbuy a few years ago, i then ran the other end of this cable bundle to the amps. I worked of a while but now i am getting almost nothing to these 4 speaker sets(each set is a seperate mid and tweeter). I get only a small weak signal from the tweeters? the car is a 98 Trans Am.......any idea what is happening? Or how i can fix this problem? The amp and all RCA cables have all been tested and are working well.

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    Check the sound card settings, somethings might have gotten switched, or volume attenuated accidently.
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      Have you checked to see if your car has a factory amp? I have a friend with a 1999 Trans AM WS6 and it had a factory amp. If so, you'll need to bypass it in order to use an aftermarket amp.
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