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  • carpc in e46

    Hi chaps...

    Ok, this is what I want to do..

    I have an old laptop knocking around and am going to connect it to my e46, I know about cnnecting it to the i-bus but want to know the following>>>

    Where can I pick up a stereo connection in my car (I have read everywhere that it's mono)

    I have also read that people have used the tape option on their factory sat nav (I don't have tape, I only have CD)

    If it's possable to connect to the AV (I can't see any reason why not), how does the computer know not to scroll through the menu's on carx before I have selected AVI (if that makes sence)

    THanks chaps.. and everyone keep up the good work.. (They look fantastic)



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    Guess you are trying to play music on lap onto car speaker system?

    If you have a newer E46 (~03) there is an aux option you can purchase from BMW. If earlier model best way is to emulate CD changer and use that audio input. If you do not emulate CD changer the head unit will not let you select CD changer. This is done on IBus as you are aware.

    About AV input (you want PC screen on bordmonitor?) you have to change VGA to RGsB and then input it in the VideoModule were the revers camera normally is connected.

    But to be honest, your question does not make a lot of sense to me :-)

    Lots of info on HackTheIBus yahoo group and you seems to have found carx.

    Sorry, I was assuming you've got a business system. DSP system is different
    My car installation mp3car thread "showing off project"


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      Sorry for not being to preciced..

      My e46 is 2004 (54) reg.. and yes.. I want to play mp3's..

      I have just looked at the aux install (in the glove box), but don't really want to pull out the screen so I think i will have a look at the other option..