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  • I need some suggestions/ advice

    Ok, so yesterday I decided to dive right in and disasemble my head unit to see what im getting myself into. I took off the faceplate and then took out the head unit. However what was waiting on the other side was not what i expected. When I removed the head unit and looked at the back, it looked more like a computer power supply than any kind of audio device. There are 4 wires total.

    Back of the head unit.

    The Wires.


    Has anyone seen this before? These wires come straight from the factory Amp. So how can i hook it up so this plugs into my Mac mini? Any suggestions?

    My options:
    So I have two options here.
    1.) Keep the head unit, and find another location for it, (because i plan to put the tocuhscreen where it currecntly is) then just use the AUX cable to hook up to my mac. This is probably the easiest solution. I just dont know where in my car i can put it where it will still be accessable.

    2.) Replace the factory amp with my own, or find some way to disasemble these wires and make them work. This is where i am completely lost. I have a wire diagram that shows what these wires go to. But i have no idea how i would get them to plug into a mini.

    Here is the wiring diagram.
    "From :"

    Any input would be great.