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Help..hooking up new head unit to monsoon amp

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  • Help..hooking up new head unit to monsoon amp

    I have a new head unit I want to hook up to the monsoon amp in my VW. I believe to turn on the amp I need a 5 or 6v running to the amp. I think it runs through the left front speaker neg. line I can't really remember and cant find the post I read a while ago.
    Is there anyone who has done this who could give me some pointers. thanks

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    Your post from a "while ago" was moderated and you posted it in the wrong forum.
    It was approved and moved to this forum, which is appropriate.
    Now you have a duplicate thread, which will be merged with this one.

    And it will make little sense because it will appear that you posted the same thing twice.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Perhaps searching for "Monsoon" would bring you to the post you're looking for. It did for me.
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