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Problem when hooking up sound card

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  • Problem when hooking up sound card

    I just got an new audio advantage srm usb sound card and tried to hook it up but all I get is a very loud buzz form all the speakers. Currently all I have for my set up is:

    4ch amp, 2 channels to the front and back speakers and 2 channels bridged for the sub.

    This works fine when I plug my amp into the headphone jack on my laptop but when I connect the soundcard and try it through there all I get is that really loud buzzing noise. I'm pluging the amp into the headphone input on the sound card. Hopfully by next month I'll be ordering my new system and I would like to have everything worked out before I install my new speakers and subs.

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    Sound cards sometimes can bring in ground loop problems.

    I installed a Creative Sound Blaster bla bla pci card. My front amp was ok, my sub amp was ok, my rear amp had a little buzzzzz.

    I bought a $17 Radio Shack ground loop isolator (gli). Buzz went bye-bye. Sound quality not diminished one bit.

    Happy ending for me; maybe it could work for you.

    Best of luck and blessings.
    Happy CarPC'ing!


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      cool man I'll give it a try.