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    Hello everyone i own a Panasonic cq-c8100u. This is my question i wanna put this in my sisters car to replace her junky one is their a way i can hook up an ipod to this. Secondly does somebuddy know what these do they look like the rca plugs but i never heard of them before. "Aux. in" "S.W-OUT" and "CD.C-IN" which i belive is for a cd changer any help would be nice.

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    I have no experience with that specific HU, but those are just generic abbreviations for common features:

    "Aux. in" = Auxiliary audio input. you can hook any low-level stereo audio device (like your Ipod ) up to this to play the device's sound through the car speakers.

    "S.W.-OUT" = Subwoofer output. this is a set of RCA low-level audio outputs to feed an amplifier powering a subwoofer. this output will have their own frequency and volume controls in the HU, independent of other EQ settings.

    "CD.C-in" = CD changer input? if you say it's a RCA input, then it sounds like it's another audio input (like aux-in) but also controls a Panasonic brand CD changer while in that mode.

    you can hook an Ipod up to it by simply connecting the Ipod's headphone output to the HU's aux-input. of course this will only amplify the sound, you will still have to control all other functions through the Ipod itself.

    if you want to control the Ipod from the HU, then you'll need an adapter like the CA300U adapter/cable. if yuor HU has that connector then it should work, but you should verify this before buying anything.

    good luck
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