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What method is best for mp3 players?

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  • What method is best for mp3 players?

    Hey guys, newbie here. I have a JVC kd-avx1 as my head unit. I want to connect my sony walkman mp3 player to it. So far I have just tried connecting it to the AUX inputs in the back with a 3.5 stereo to RCA cable. It sounds ok, but the volume is very compromised. Does not compare at all to a cd being played. If I were to get the JVC KS-U58 cable that goes to the cd changer input, would the sound be a bit better?? I read a few reviews on and it seems like it would imporove the volume issues. Any thoughts??

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    Hey man, newbie here, too...but have been living with this stuff for many many years.

    So, here is your issue: your deck wants to see 1.5V as an input level.

    Your MP3 player makes about .05V (yes, that is NOT a typo, about .05V) so the chance of getting happy levels is slim. The CD input should be a bunch closer to the Sonys output level, but I would bet it is not gonna do well, either.

    If you use a decent quality "Head Amp" that will fix the issue. There are none left on the market like the old Zapco piece, or even the Phoenix Gold (both of which retailed for about $200 BITD) but PAC makes the Turbo 1 which will do the job nicely.


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      This may be a dumb question, but did you increase the volume of the device you are plugging in and not just the level of the headunit?

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        Thanks for the replies guys. Yeah, I started reading about the volt issues after I posted. Its still decent quality, just not as loud as a cd straight from the player. Im not one to really bump my system anyways, but I will check out that link though and also probably just go with the CD changer cable also.

        ****would anything like these amps in the link help??

        My player outputs 5mW per channel. That headphone amp outputs 17.5mW per channel