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    Hi. I'm a newbie, and sorry if this is in the wrong place. My friend bought a Ford Focus and the radio displays song info. I'm jealous! My Sebring doesn't do all of that. At any rate, I would like to know if I can find a head unit with RDS? I can't find any that actually state that it has the RDS capability. I was on Ebay and found some, however I don't want to risk buying them because they're no brand name imports.

    I saw the VR3 touch screen GPS unit at Walmart and was going to buy it because I saw the RDS settings, but sadly I couldn't get the RDS to work while testing it and it didn't display song info. I'm basically looking for a head unit that is touch screen that plays movies, mp3s, single DIN, preferably 4.3 display screen. Or something that looks nice that fits my car. Am I asking for too much? Can anybody direct to me to any really good units out there? Do you know how good the aftermarket no brand name ebay units are? They are really nice and claim they have RDS, but I don't know. Thanks.

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    If you go with HD radio, it does display the content being played. There are no subscriptions and there are additional channels for a select number of stations (provided there are HD broadcasting stations in your area). It will be easier to find a radio that is HD ready (requires additional modual) or capable (built in) than it is to find a brand name radio that is RDS capable.

    If you have your heart set on RDS then I believe kenwood used to have that capability on some of their radios. At least in the past that had a few models.

    BTW. For future reference, this site is dedicated to those who are integrating computers into their cars and not basic car audio solutions. If you are interested in doing so, "Right On!"
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