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2001 Suburban Bypass Rear Radio Control

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  • 2001 Suburban Bypass Rear Radio Control

    I have a 2001 Suburban. I have a radio that appears to be the same one you have pictured on one of your posts.

    I am trying to bypass the rear radio control. I found a thread that talked about jumping the wires on the harness that comes down from the deck (factory) under the lower cassette into the opening under the drink holder.

    This harness has a combination of brown, blue, green black and a blk/white set of wires. My question is: When the user said to jump the wires to remove the rear radio control from the loop, do you jump the solid colors together like the brown to brown and blue to blue and green to green. I can do all of this, I am just not savvy to the point of knowing exactly which wire to connect to which to make this work. Can anyone help? I would greatly appreciate it.

    The rear radio control was stolen and the harness was too. I have bought a new control for the console and the harnes. However, The models appear to be different as they do not match up. I have a feeling that trying to wire the rear control would be more work than jumping the wires.