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4-channel amp hookup question

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  • 4-channel amp hookup question

    i have a sony 600watt 4 cahnnel amp and i went browsing at amp hookup kits today and the only kit i saw for 4 channel amps was for a 1400 watt max. i figured this would be way to much overkill and my amp would sound like crap, is that true? and could i get a 2 channel amp wiring kit to work on a 4 channel amp? i am only going to use the amp to power a sub so i don't care about front and rear sound..... any help would be greatly appreciated

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    An amp wiring kit usually consists of power wires, 4 gauge or 8 gauge, and a dual RCA cable for two channels. That is all you will need to run your subs. Be sure to get the right size power wires though. If you are using all four channels, get a Y-adapter to connect the long RCA cables to both front and rear channel inputs.


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      okay thanks!