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FIRST POST!! 4 channel amp + mono sub amp

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  • FIRST POST!! 4 channel amp + mono sub amp

    OK,so i've seen the diargams on how to hook up carputer to 5 channel amp and thru headunit, but i guess im kinda in a different categorey. I already have a sub amp, and am looking to set up with a 4 channel amp., and loose the headunit. Since it is a mono channel on the sub, wouldnt i just need a 3.5mm (1/8") Male to RCA Mono cable for the sub, and the regular stereo RCA cables for the others, since i wont have a center channel, its basically a 4.1 setup minus the center. Am i correct??

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    Just get the 3.5mm to RCA for everything.

    So you would need (3) 3.5mm outputs on your PC (which is common).

    1 RCA to your Mono amp, and 2 RCAs to your 4 channel amp.


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      or you could just buy some of these splitters:



      so buy 4 rca splitters and one mini jack to rca all for a little over a dollar.
      + shipping

      on that site there is a flat rate for the first $10 or something so stock up on those connectors that is the cheapest place you will find them. plus they are very handy.


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        nevermind, they lowered their shipping charges:

        * Standard Post
        * For orders up to US$29, Delivery Charge - US$4.00.
        * For orders US$30 to US$49, Delivery Charge - US$6.00
        * For order US$50 to US$99, Delivery Charge - US$9.00
        * For order US$100 and above, Delivery Charge - US$14.00

        so you will spend ~$6 total (if that is all you buy) opposed to around $5 a cable as suggested above. (unless you already have some lying around.


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          That first one would be the one he needs, however it is bulky and may not be useful. Since the 3 outputs on the back of a PC are close together, it is almost impossible to get them all to fit.

          Plus he would still have to buy the standard RCA cables in no real price difference there.

          And why in the world would he want the RCA splitters? He can just go straight from 3.5mm to RCA.


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            Sorry, I was assuming that rca cables are something people have lying around from dvd players and what not (maybe this is just me, but I have boxes....)

            Any this is why he would need splitters:

            they are just using a cable splitter.

            Although, you are right it would be bulky. If it is in the trunk though what does it matter (assuming it is in the trunk.


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              If your audio card is worth anything at all, instead of having one output from the audio card, you could have several.

              Doing it the way pictured above will only give you 2 channels. Left and Right. No Front and Rear.

              So just take part # 3 in your illustration, and replace them with a 3.5mm to RCA, then plug each one in a different output on the audio card.


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                I was just saying not everyone has an audio card (personally I am using onboard).
                Although not as good the multiple outputs are not always available.

                to sum it all up if you already have RCA cables buy the .25 cent piece and save some money, if not then dismiss my advice.


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                  right i understand the splitters and front back left and right, the only issue i have is the sub. do i need to go with a stereo splitter, or just go with a mono rca plug??
                  cables are not a problem, i can get as many as i need....

                  i would actually go with this splitter instead..
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                    For the sub you'd get a 3.5 - RCA and run it from the sub/center output of your sound card. Then figure out which side is your bass and plug that side of the RCA cable into your subwoofer amp. If it has a dual RCA input, then get a Y cable to plug it in both spots.
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