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  • Alpine setup questions

    this is my first post and i have a few questions about the setup i am going to be running.

    My biggest concern is that i have a Eonon 3.5 inch lcd head unit with four RCA outs ( FL FR RL RR) But no sub or SW. I tried splitting one of the rears with a y adaptor and plugging that into my amp but i still get sound other than bass coming through. My amp at the moment is a 5 channel powervox and the fifth channel is supposed to have a LPF of 50 hz although it doesn't seem to do much. i am planning to get a 10' Alpine r and the mpr 650 which has a low pass filter and crossover. Is this going to make up for the lack of no bass RCA. As for the other four Speakers i have alpine r 6x9 and would like spr 13c running off the f550. this has a high and low pass crossover on it. If I run the speakers through this and use the crossover to filter out the bass is that the same as having The SUB RCA or equlizer to send the right frequencies to the right places.

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    ok you have 4 rca outs and are wondering how to hook up to a 5 channel amp?
    you split to create a 5th channel

    did you turn on the LPF/HPF?
    also you will need to adjust the frequency it cuts at as most are adjustable

    set your gain to no more than 60%...
    if thats not loud enough...BUY A BIGGER AMP!
    (your wasting your time and damaging your sub if you set it higher)

    high level/voltage adapters will usually have some bass boost options and some even have adjustable crossovers in them....along with gains etc

    6x9's are full range and usually tune out lower bass before they hit the tweets...adding another passive crossover before is a bad it just never sounds good or lasts very long...let your 6.9's and any other fullrange setups (component sets, 6 1/2" 's etc)
    run at full frequency with no filtering
    also some passives do not like running rca and line level inputs st the same time.

    be very careful to ground any passive crossovers and powere'd crossovers as they are often a little crappy and can have some sound issues as well...

    that being said high end equipment is MUUUCH better than most of the low end stuff so I'd go with my gut and get better stuff....

    why not skip all this and get a better deck?
    even $200 decks have sub outs these days
    06 Altima..SER front bumper.
    CAR PC.....soon to be true!!
    Oshawa Canada!!


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      thanks for the reply
      sorry if i was unclear what i am asking is if i were to get a mono block sub amp that has speaker in's would it be as good/ does it filter or send the same frequencies that the Sub channel has.

      the four channel amp has high and low crossovers do i need to set them to start sending hz where my sub finishes ( 50 hz on mono as maximum and 50 hz as minimum on 4 channel) or would this leave gaps.