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  • My new project

    I'm going to bet putting a new stereo/carputer setup in my 03 convertible vette.

    I just bought one of the 10.4" touchscreens. I'm about to buy a JL12W7. Does anyone think this is way too much sound for my car? I just don't want to get a 10W7 and regret it. I'm open to opinions.

    I also know very little about car audio. Computers I know in and out (I'm in school for a bachelor of technology majoring in IT), though.

    I know I need a mono amp for my sub, and then a multi channel amp for my component speakers.

    What is a good amp to power a 12W7, or a 10W7? The JL 1000/1 is far too expensive for my liking.

    What other equipment do I need (cap, other speakers, wiring, that sort of thing), other than my sub and mono amp?