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Adaptor bought for yukon, need flip out screen, any recommends?

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  • Adaptor bought for yukon, need flip out screen, any recommends?

    New member here, HI

    I just decided to treat myself to a 2003 Yukon XL SLT, very rare here in the UK
    I am prepared to order from the US for my install, but obviously I want to get it right 1st time

    Mine is a 2003 SLT, I am told it has a BOSE system, the speakers say BOSE on them but the headunit doesn't. The headunit has Delco part No. 15184935 on the side, is that BOSE?

    OK, here is my plan, the way I see it I have 2 options.
    Preferred Option 1:
    Below the regular headunit in the centre console there is a space which has a single DIN opening which tapers off towards the back. I thought I could add a DVD 7 inch flip up screen here and feed the audio to the aux of the headunit.
    Upon looking at the rear of the headunit today I see I will need an adapter like this maybe

    Option 2:
    I replace the headunit for a double DIN in dash screen.
    This brings up a whole load of issues with the BOSE amp and speakers already installed and also the onboard bongs etc.
    Also the wife doesnt like the way the headunit points towards the driver and she cant see the screen properly, to I guess if I did it this way it might need a 2nd screen anyway

    Soooo, can anyone advise the best route here, am I missing something which make this job easier or harder?
    Thanks in advance

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    So I bought this

    I now want a single DIN flip out screen with DVD, dixv, mp4, mp3.
    Looking for entry level, any recommenations?