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Cheap fm transmitter. Whats the catch?

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  • Cheap fm transmitter. Whats the catch?

    Does anyone have any experience with cheap brandless fm transmitters? How do they compare to the expensive $50+ ones? This one even plays mp3s off a memory card:

    Just want something cheap to put in the work truck.

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    Meh, most work acceptably. Although not well.

    Sounds pretty much like you're listening to fm radio (well, because you are).

    I've never been a fan of the sound quality, but i guess it depends on what you're looking for.
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      With wireless FM transmitters, think of it this way. If it is strong enough to give you a good clean signal to your radio, then it can give a good clean signal to the car next to you. And the FCC would not allow that type of "interferance." The best way to go, when speaking about FM modulation, is a direct connection/bypass to the factory antenna line.
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        with the fm transmiters there are lots of tricks to improve the range and many of the cheapos have "modifications" that you can find on google
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          Well, this is a work truck and Im only working a summer student job for a few months so hacking apart the company truck is out of the question.

          I spend most of the day in the truck, so I figure some tunes would be nice. Interference from outside radio stations or to other people is not an issue because I am working out in the middle of nowhere, far from civilization.

          Im just not sure if there is any benefits to going with an expensive model vs a made in china one. SQ wise, is there a noticeable difference by using lower fm frequencies vs higher ones?


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            if you were in te city i would say dont bother with it, i threw mine away after a week of trying to find a gap in the FM range i could use without getting issues.

            if you really are in no where zone, it should be fine(ish)


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              no no you dont hack the truck jsut the little cheapo rf transmiter you incress the signal antenna output so that it has a stronger output
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                For a temporary install, can you at least take the radio out, pull out the FM antennae, plug in a direct wire FM modulator, and put the radio back? It basically just splits the signal right into the antenna with a passthrough and a dangly wire. 100% reversible, and all of 5minutes including getting in and out of the car to install. And they are relatively cheap too.

                And ditto on the city. Even in little dinky towns, the wireless signal is overpowered very easily. Pure crap unless in the corn fields.
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                  Originally posted by 2k1Toaster View Post
                  Pure crap unless in the corn fields.
                  Oil field actually, but thats pretty much where I am. Just corn and cows here. The nearest small town only has 2 or 3 fm stations so I didnt think interference would be an issue.

                  Back in the big city, I would be driving my own car with the carpc, so no use for the transmitter.


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                    Interference isn't the issue with FM transmitters, it's the output power.

                    No matter what you pay for it, it's going to sound like crap.

                    Even "old school" tape adaptors that they used to market for discmans sound 10x better.

                    So get the tape adaptor


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                      if you use a transmitter, you need to makesure that your arial is down, otherwise there is alot of interferance