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Amp issue, or something else?

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  • Amp issue, or something else?

    I've got a 240W California Amp (cheap eBay amp) in my trunk, with wires running under the hood to 4 Public Address Horn speakers. 3 of the speakers are small, and one of them is a lot larger. I have two small ones hooked up to the left channel and the other small and large one hooked up to the right. Everything used to work fine. The other day I went to turn it on, and now I'm only getting sound out of the two smaller ones. If I switch the wires, I DO get sound out of the other output as well, so it seems that it would be a problem with the wiring to the small and large speaker. My question, though, is could it be an issue with the amp being somewhat broken and unable to power the larger speaker all of a sudden? Because if I listen VERY closely, I can hear sound coming FAINTLY from the large one - so audio is GETTING to it. Any ideas? I don't want to tear apart all the wires if it's an amp issue. I do not have another amp with which to test it.

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    i think ytou need further isolation there can only be 1 of three bad parts
    bad/loose cableing, bad horn, bad cableing to the amp/bad amp
    test this by moving the wires from the big horn side of the amp (lets call it outputB , known good side (everything work side) outputA) over to outputA (after removing the [A] speakers if you get sound then you know that everything past the amp is good on side [b] of the wiring, if you dont get sound further isolate by unhooking the large speaker from the small and running single lines to the amp

    just isolate and youll find your answer
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