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Can someone tell me what this cable is for

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  • Can someone tell me what this cable is for

    I have a Sony Xplod CDX-GT710. The cable is about 5-6 inches long, black, has a little 2x2 inch box at the end of it, and it plugs into the Unilink/Bus port on the back of the unit.

    The only thing I could think of is that it might be some type of wireless or bluetooth adapter. I don't know a lot about car stereo's. So, someone has to know.


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    I would assume it's the connector for a CD/MD changer - is the 'box' end you refer to sealed or does it have connectors?


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      It's sealed. There is no place on it to connect anything to it.


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        Are there any additional functions when you plug it in. What does the manual say?
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          That piece fools the head unit into thinking there is a changer or other Unilink source hooked up. Once plugged in the cd changer source input is available without really having a changer hooked up. No you plug your MP3 player output into the RCA input for the changer and you have AUX input!
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            Ahhhh...that makes perfect sense. That's why I am able to plug my portable Sirius receiver into the RCA input and listen through the CD changer mode.

            Sweet!!! Thanks for the help all.