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standard cab s10 system questions

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  • standard cab s10 system questions

    ok so heres the deal, i've recently got a new truck its a 91 standard cab s10 pickup. its all stock in the audio department wich leaves a little to be desired when i'm tring to rock out with the windows down.

    basicly i'd like to do a full system upgrade with a headunit, a sub or two an am and something to replace the stock 4x6's in the dash and 4x10's in the rear behinde the seats. i'd like to do a rather budjet system since i really dont need much for this little tiny cab of a truck.

    i relize that doing anything with the ****ty 4x10s would be pointless but i'm thinking about just upgradeing the 4x6s in the front so i dont have to worry about a whole component speaker setup. as far as a head unit i'm basicly just gonna find whatevers cheap and will work with whatever spearker setup i get.

    as far as subs and an amp i have a 4 channel kenwood KAC-646X amp that i got for free from my friend but he told me its really old and i shouldnt use it with anything other then just my stock headunit. so i wasnt planning on useing that to power my system. i did however find a pair of kicker comp12's (the black with yellow stitching) and a kicker ZX300 amp in a box for $175. i doubt the box will fit but i figure its a decent price for the amp and subs.

    i really dont know much about sound systems so i'm basicly just trying to get some opinins from you guys. should i go with the kicker subs and amp and build my own box to fit? also any opinions on a set of cheap 4x6's for the dash, or a headunit around the 100$ range? also i've heard that i could upgrade my 4x6's and the 4x10's to aftermarket speakers and run bass blockers so they will sound better and just let the subs take care of the bass.

    also if anybody has any more info on the KAC-646X amp and how i could possibly work it into my setup?

    thanks from a noob,