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2002 Audi A6 Stereo Wiring Help

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  • 2002 Audi A6 Stereo Wiring Help

    I just bought a 2002 Audi A6 3.0 with a Bose system and I'm trying to replace the stock receiver with an after market head unit but I've run into some problems. The main one is that there is no 12v power switch to activate the stereo once the car is turned on and I was told to wire it to the windshield wiper fuse, which would but a hassle. I'm also having trouble identifying which connectors apply to certain parts of the wiring harness. The picture of the wiring scheme, the top connector next to the 10A fuse, I've determined that + is 12v constant (red and yellow), - is ground (brown wire), but I still don't know what K (lime green), Bose (small brown), or Alarm Ground (small, brown and white) correlate to. And if anyone knows what the yellow connector is, I'd be interested to know.
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    The yellow connector goes to your antenna.

    Why can't you wire the new stereo to your ACC line? And who told you to hook it up to your wiper fuse? That's a new one to me...

    Not sure about those other three wires, but chances are they'll be irrelevant to the new stereo.
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      The yellow connector is something additional to the antennae, which is seen in the foreground of the photo.

      Wiring to the ACC line does not work. Any other suggestions?


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        No offense, but it appears by your description like you are a little over your head when trying to attempt this install. For one, if you believe that trying to find your own acc switched wire on that car is a hassle, since that car does not have a true acc wire going to the radio, Then you will be in a world of trouble when you get started to try to understand how to overcome the factory bose. I would like to try to explain what you should do, but that car is not one for the beginners.
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          K (green/blue) is for Data
          Alarm ground (brown/gray) goes to the Central Locking system
          Bose wire (brown) does not show up on my diagram
          Yellow connector is the second connection to the aerial selection control unit

          I don't believe this system is too hard to interface to. Just low level analog signals to the amp and a 12v turn on. You won't need to connect into any of the other wires (data, alarm, etc). Just make sure they're safely insulated. Having said that, I've only looked at a diagram and can't be sure its that simple without doing it myself.
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            i was looking for this diagram and i founded

            there you go link if still needed u just ned to have adobe reader


            have to download open with adobe go to page 29 and there you go all your stuff about audi a6 radio wiring diagram with cd changer or with out it