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  • Need Proper Amp Spec Help

    Hello, I'm looking for a proper amp spec suggestion for the following sub/enclosure, please.

    Sub is Memphis Power Reference 10" DVC
    RMS at 4ohm is 250W
    Max Power is 500W

    I'm in a spec sealed enclosure, only one sub. I didn't install it, so I don't know whether it is wired for 4ohm or 2ohm, I guess whatever would be typical is how he likely wired it.

    Do I just need like a 300W amp or do I need a 500W amp. I need a monoblock/D amp, but beyond that I'm not clear on what I need.


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    Its better to get an amp with more output than needed.

    That way you can have more headroom (given that the gains are set correctly) and enough power for future upgrades.


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      If you happen to have a dual voice coil (DVC) then the only two options for wiring creates the impedance values of 2 ohms (if wired parallel) or 8 ohms (if wired in series). If you dont have a dual voice coil sub, then it only has a single coil which will give you the impedance value of 4 ohms. I'd suggest you take a multi-meter up to it and test out what the resistance value of the speaker is. If you do happen to have a DVC and it reads 4 ohms, then there is a possibility that it has been wired incorrectly. Which is a BIG NO NO, and will kill the sub.
      You need to figure that out before purchasing the amp that would be best. You can use a mono/bridged amp that matches the subs RMS wattage when using a single sub configured to the amps stated impedance. For example, the amps specs may state, 250W RMS x1 @2 ohms. The same amp may also state, 125W RMS x1 @4 ohms. In that example this would be best if your subs were in fact DVC with 4 ohms each coil wired in parallel down to 2 ohms. But if they are not DVC and only have a single 4 ohm voice coil then with that amp you'd only power it half way. So the best situation for a 4 ohm single voice coil is 250W RMS x1 @4 ohms.
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