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Infill G4 buzzing.

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  • Infill G4 buzzing.

    Hi, I have a problem with a G4, it is your usual whining type noise, it happens the same if the car is on or off so i don't think it is the alternator. There is no AC at all as the G4 is powered by 12V DC.

    The whining seems to stop and change pitch according to 'things' happening on the LCD screen, so when one window closes and another opens it will change pitch or stop altogether. But nothing seems to stop it permanetly.

    I can't find anything else anywhere about people having these problems with G4's. It is wired to the car's radio harness, but it gets its ACC signal from the cigarette lighter circuit (as for some reason the ACC line on the golf is always constant).

    Should I be questioning something wrong with the unit or the wiring job I did.

    Any help appreciated.

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    Have u tried grounding the case of it see if it helps.


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      Hi, thanks for the reply. Just tried it, no difference