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astra steering controls / new head unit

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  • astra steering controls / new head unit

    hi guys im new to the scene with a small knowledge of whats what. currently iv got the lovely vauxhall astra 1.4 ls 2000 model and i have the old head unit in it. unforunitally it doesnt work properly, the cd player is busted

    so today i went to halfords and bought myself a lovely Pioneer DEH-P7000UB linkage

    i said to the kind sir that i wanted to keep the audio controls on the steering wheel and he said that fitting would go up from 10 to 30 for two wires.

    i was wondering what are these two wires and is it worth paying the extra money when i could very well do it my self for pennys?

    how much are these wires? and what are they to cost so much..

    any help or guidance would put a smile on my face and make me that bit less clueless :P

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    you need more than just a couple of "wires"...

    you need a steering wheel interface module like the PAC SWI-PS or the SWI-X. those units will convert the steering wheel control signal into remote control commands for your new head unit.

    they are easy to install. in most cars you only need to hook up 3 wires (power, ground, and steering wheel signal wire).

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      ah thank you for the great link sorry for confusion as to what goes on the rep in halfords accually said two wires. i had in my mind that i could botch it xD

      thanks for clearing that up for me, i did manage to look on ebay and some other websites for the products shown on link to get a general price range and for what its worth it looks like im best just getting the fella to do it unless there is a really cheap place i havent come across.

      once agian thanks matie