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Head Unit - what to look for?

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  • Head Unit - what to look for?


    I am new to all this wonderfull world of carputers and am totally fasinated, so much that I would like to set one up in my 4wd. I have already purchased a screen, which for the time being will be hooked up to my laptop for navigation purposes and want to progress to a head unit that will be compatabile with a pc in the future. I have tried to understand what to look for based on posts but not knowing much about all this was hoping that I might get some guidance. I am based in Melbourne, Australia and guess that not all models are avaialable worldwide. I would really apreciate any help, I will want to run 4 speakers plus a couple of tweeters and a subwoofer, this might need to be powered by a seperate amp.
    Cheers Walter

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    i would get one with rear inputs. Mine has front input and I currently have to have a wire that runs up to there, tacky looking. I just bought a cable that will convert the rear CD changer into two RCA's so I can eliminate the front cable but that was $30. Would have been nice if the HU had rears all ready.

    If I were to replace mine I would also get one that had built in bluetooth. I have yet to find a decent program that works with my phone.

    I'm big on having a HU myself. I like to be able to have tunes when the computer is down, or being upgraded. Also like having the volume knob so I don't have to use the touch screen as much.


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      Thanks for that Timmy, any brands or models that I should consider or not ?


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        That's something I wouldn't want to tackle, frankly IMHO, most name brands, kenwood, alpine, JVC, etc are all going to be fine. I'm sure there are others who would be more help then I when it comes to brands. I have a $200 JVC and a $100 Dual, I really can't hear the difference between the two.

        One other thing you might want to get is one with preamp outs. That makes it easier to run separate amps which you'll need if you plan on running subs.