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    Hello, I'm new to car audio and so i was just wondering if anyone could help me out a bit. I recently purchased a pioneer 600UB cd deck, and was thinking about buying 2 JBL GTO1004 D 10" subs and JBL P560C (5 1/4")speakers to replace the factory audio equipment in my 97 ford escort. Now, I was just wondering about how i could go about powering all this. As of now, I have a Kenwood KAC 7202 amp (460 W RMS 2 channel). I was told that to get the full capabilities of the JBL speakers i would need to get a second amp in order to power them...I was wondering what you thought of all this and whether or not i should/could use a mono or 2 channel amp, as i could get a rockford fosgate P325.1 mono amp (325 RMS)...if thats possible. thanks.

    PS - I apologize for my lack thereof knowledge regarding car audio.

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    there's a whole mess of good info here:

    Hope that helps.
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      1. while you may need an amp to get the "full" power out of aftermarket speakers, you certainly don't need one. the pioneer deck will be able to put out around 20 watts RMS per channel (x4 channels) which is usually more than factory decks can put out.

      I would recommend that you power them off the pioneer deck first and see if it sounds good enough for you. if you then feel it's not enough power than you can get a 4-channel amp to power them.

      mono amps are for subwoofers. they have only 1 audio output channel so you would be listening to everything in mono (not stereo).

      you could use a 2-channel amp for 4 speakers but you would lose the ability to fade from front to rear (or vise-versa). if you're going to amplify the door speakers than it would be best to use a 4-channel amp.

      good luck
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        thank you


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          you're welcome...

          let us (me) know what you decide to do.
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