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  • pc -> amp remote

    hey guys,

    ive searched around a bit in a few diff forums but i havent found a clear answer so i thought id post the question and see what you guys think.

    i want to use my amp remote port on my m2-atx to turn on my amp. i also want my headunit to be able to turn on my amp if the pc is not on (ie. im installing a toggle switch to turn on/off ignition start for the pc). my question is can i just tap into the existing amp remote wire in the back of my headunit or would i need to run it through a circuit to prevent the headunit to see the voltage from the pc and vice versa?

    also, does anyone know if the amp remote wire puts off a constant signal with the key or does it just pulse a signal to initially turn on the amp??

    thanks for your help!

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    oh yea a little additional thoughts... the m2-atx is supposed to have "anti-thump" i suppose it holds the amp remote low until the mobo gets power then it turns the amp on... if my HU is tied to the amp too and it turns the amp on before the PC does will it cause "popping" problems? do i have to worry about this do you think?



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      to be safe you should put a diode on each of the lines going to the amp (the m2-atx and the head unit) this way it'll block current from causing any damage. The feed is constant, not pulsed.

      you shouldn't have to worry about the h/u causing any popping
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        for the poping problem you need a pop illuminator and connects it to the m2 -atx amp turn on wire. use that wire for also the Head unit remote wire. this will illiminate the popping.


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          here's the link, this is the one i use