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Pioneer DEH-P6050 HU and Portable HDD

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  • Pioneer DEH-P6050 HU and Portable HDD

    I have a Pioneer DEH-P6050 Head Unit and a Western Digital Passport Essentials 160GB Portable Hard drive that I want to connect to it. The headunit supports iPods and claims it supports other external portable digital device".

    The problem I'm having is that the deck doesn't recognise the hdd. I assume so far that this is because the HDD is not receiving enough stable power from the headunit even though the hdd activity light is comes on when connected.

    If anyone has any suggestions about how to get this to work it would be greatly appreciated as I would rather have all my music files on one large storage device than paying double if not triple the amount for an IPOD or similar device with same amount of storage.

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    Use the search function on this site. Its been covered before.
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