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Questions about M-audio Transit, Phoenix Soho, Bitperfect, and Vista

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  • Questions about M-audio Transit, Phoenix Soho, Bitperfect, and Vista

    Ok, so I've got a couple questions that I can't figure out on my own and after almost two weeks searching and reading everything I can, I still dont have answers. So hopefully you all can help me out.

    I've invested a lot of money into the sound in my car. I'm trying to get the best possible sound setup figured out before I install the laptop carpc in my car. I've read all I can about bitperfect and asio but none of that is easy to understand and its even harder finding usb cards that work with that and have optical out. (yes, I've seen the big listing of usb/firewire soundcards, but only one is listed as ASIO compatible so I guess in reality thats the only one I can use to achieve bitperfect?)

    1. So, with the m-audio transit usb 'soundcard' with optical out, can I get completely untouched sound out of my computer so it can be processed by the the alpine H701 I have? I havent read up on how to actually GET to bitperfect state once you have a soundcard that will work, because I've been searching just trying to find a card. So that's the first question...will that card work? (This card hibernates just fine right?)

    2. Is all this bitperfect searching even necessary since I'll be using Vista? I read that vista is bitperfect already but then I've read that its not. I can't find a straight answer. I'm trying to find out how to achieve bitperfect with vista. (please dont say "why in the heck would you run vista on a carpc" I've never used it before, I may not even like it, but lets face a year or so the whole world will be on vista just like the whole world is on xp right please lets not even discuss my choice in operating systems)

    3. If the transit does work with bitperfect, and bitperfert is achievable with vista, I may need both the optical and the headphone jack to work at the same time out of the transit. So I emailed m-audio and asked them if they both worked at the same time, and this is the response:

    "The analog output and the stereo optical digital output (TOSLink) are mirrored and do output at the same time.
    If you wish to output encoded multichanel digital audio signal then it will not be possible since you must select "Dolby Digital / DTS pass-through, 16-bit, 48000 Hz" in the Transit's control panel, doing so will make the analog output inactive."

    Would I need to do what he is saying will disable the analog output, to achieve bitperfect? It seems like doing what he is saying would basically turn off I wouldnt want to do that anyway. And if I didnt do that, then he says both outputs will output at the same time? So, do I need to do that 16-bit 48000Hz thing to get bitperfect or no?

    4. Lastly (sorry its so questions just keep building up as I read other posts)..the reason I need two outputs is to send the signal to my H701, but also to the Phoenix Soho conference card for echo cancellation(when using a mic for voice recognition or phone operation). But I've also read that Vista does a fine job of echo cancellation. Can anyone confirm this? Do I really need that $100 card if vista will do echo cancellation for me? And if vista does do the echo cancellation, will that disrupt bitperfect?

    Alright, that's all I've got for now. Really sorry about all the questions. I'm just really confused right now and looking for answers. Thanks everyone.

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    So does anyone have any ideas on these questions?


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      Surely someone has experience with at least one of the questions I'm asking.