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    hi this is my first day on this site, ive installed a itx pc in my bmw e36 with a 8" touch screen and sat nav. i want to retain my stereo for the radio how do i utilise the speaker system in the car, which is used by the stereo, to allow music to be played from the pc. This is my first attempt at car pc so any ideas welcome

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    If you have any means of connecting through an auxillary connection or by purchasing a adapter compatible for the deck in your car (if there is one available), that would be the best way to connect to the deck without changing it. Otherwise, your only other option would be an FM transmitter.
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      Yep, about the only way to connect carpc output to HU is if HU has aux input jacks...

      I have anothe solution, though. You can connect directly, but will need some electronic experience, and maybe a bit of bravery...

      I wanted to input an mp3 player to a boombox stereo that did not have an aux input. So, knowing that the volume control is located at an intermediate stage in the audio amplification, between the radio/cd/tape output and the main audio amplifier input, I simply connected a shielded cable from a jack (new hole drilled in boombox case), soldered to volume control. Plugged mp3 player in, boombox plays music faithfully, sounding good.

      This same approach has been used now for car stereo HU's. Same approach to the simple wiring job. Onloy possible consideration is to be sure not to turn carpc volume level up too high, as it might overdrive HU input.
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        there are quite a few solutions out there that will replace your cd changer with an Aux input.


        If you have a changer already, it is a simple install. You lose your cd changer, but that seems a good trade for a compute rfull of music. I have done this in my car, but never in a BMW

        it, there are many different companies making these adapters, in fact some allow you to keep your changer and just adds an aux In

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