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Phx Area HD Radio Question

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  • Phx Area HD Radio Question

    I got a visteon hd radio for my carpc and got it all working great. The sound is decent but I honestly prefer the sound of my stock headunit more. Heres my problem..
    I tune to a station, lets say 104.7 Kiss FM.
    The sound is comparable to my old analog radio.
    Once HD kicks in, the sound gets wayyyy too "tinny", the highs sound very harsh.

    This issue is only when the HD kicks in and really only on two stations for me, with 104.7 being the worst by far. I listen to their morning show and the voices all sound raspy so to speak.. I have tried the RCA ground wire trick with no improvement, and since analog only stations sound fairly decent, I do not suspect that the wiring to my pc is picking up noise. All sound coming from the pc (mp3's) sound great with no distortion.

    Also, the HD radio is hooked up to my factory antenna (non-powered, non-glass). Again, it only sounds so bad when HD kicks in.. Do i have a bad radio possibly? Anybody else have problems with 104.7 in the phx area?


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    The only thing I can think of, if it's not a hardware problem is the software. Did you check for the most up to date drivers. From your description, it doesnt appear to be a problem with the rest of your setup and only with that device (either software or hardware).
    In any case, I would recommed that you contact the manufacture's technical support if you have any further problems before you try to return/exchange the one you have.
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