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I need quick help on speaker wires, please!!

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  • I need quick help on speaker wires, please!!

    Dear m8,

    First of all i am looking for a help from Ford Focus II owners.
    But others might help me too.


    I have a Ford Focus II from 2007.
    I would like to replace the factory speakers with something better.
    The question is how much the factory audio or speaker cables can be used or needs to be replaced also.

    My new audio configuration going to be max. 100W RMS.
    Since it is very hard to pull in new cables through the factory connectors in each door i am thinking of using the old audio cable which is running from inside through some kind of connection block into the door.

    What do you think of that?


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    You will be fine with the factory wiring. There is no need to replace any of it. You may have to change the connectors so they will plug into your speakers, but that's about it.

    Are you still running the stock h/u? If so, I recommend replacing that before replacing any speakers.


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      No, the factory HU has been taken out.
      I am installing my CarPC now.

      The amp that i have is a 6 channel one.

      It has 5 x 100W RMS and 1x 250W RMS for the Subwoofer



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        By the way how much current and voltage does the amp has at it's outputs? (speaker side)

        I think a lot more voltage than current right?
        Becouse as i can see the factory cable is around 1mm thick,
        so it can not have more than appr. 2A current flowing through it.