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Connecting MP3 to aux

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  • Connecting MP3 to aux


    I have a kenwood KVT-920 DVD head unit,
    I want to plug my mp3 player in but when i plug it in via the AUX using an RCA to 3.5mm jack, the volume is alot less than when playing a CD about a third less.
    Is there a reason for this or a way around it?

    Many thanks

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    Although this is really a carPC forum...

    The output voltage of your mp3 player must be lower than the internal cd player preamp.

    You have turned the mp3 volume up as high as it will go w/o distortion in HU?

    How about tone control settings for mp3 player?

    Best of luck and blessings
    Happy CarPC'ing!


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      i had the same problem with my sony head unit and found out that they make a thing called an ipod interface if an ipod is what you is about 50 dollars at best buy and is very simple to install just plugging a few wires through the back of the head unit if you don't have an ipod, make sure the volume is all the way up on your mp3...i would suggest a fm transmitter if the volume trick doesn't work


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        If your player has a line out you might want to try that

        headphone amp might work too


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          How do you mean, my MP3 only has the headphone out?

          Yea Kenwood make an IPod adaptor but mine is one of the few headunits that its not compatable with. it plugs into the CD changer port which i have but the specs say it isnt compatable?


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            it may be compatable it it plugs into the back of the headunit which uses the rca cables and goes to a small box you mount at your own discretion....and then it plugs in


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              Originally posted by JStar View Post
              How do you mean, my MP3 only has the headphone out?
              Yeah, most do, but if it had a line out then it would be worth a try