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3Sixty version 1 and 2 question

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  • 3Sixty version 1 and 2 question

    I been reading and everyone suggest to not get .1 but only .2. Here is my question why? Of course a later version is better since it is newer but what would justify paying $200+ more for version .2?

    I am asking cause i having the low volume carputer setup problem because I am currently using SB X-fi 5.1 USB to SVEN adapter to stock HK amp on my BMW. All I really want is to increase the sound quality that I know my stock HK system can put out.

    So beside the 3sixty .2 being better than .1, how much better is it that makes .1 crap per say and $200+ in spending.

    Is there a cheaper alternative for me also if .1 is crap?

    Also i prefer not getting another sound card and I am using USB because I running my carputer off a notebook.

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    it's not a previous version, but actually just a different model. the .1 doesn't have the x-over's that you need and a very limited eq adjustments,106187)

    what you are trying to do seems like a simple dac would solve your problems, i'm actually not sure why the x-fi isn't working either. have you tried troubleshooting your setup? first thing i'd do is hook up an ipod or other audio device with line level outputs to the sven adapter and rule out if it's an issue with the adapter first. then i'd hook up your x-fi to your home audio system and see if it's a problem with the soundcard.
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      Hello potpeye. I own a 3sixty.1 and have been using it since November. As Scott said the 2 gives you a much wider EQ play. Using it with a Carputer app imo is great. I have a SB LIVE 5.1 with KX drivers going to the 3 sxity, then to 2 amps. Big gain here is that the sound card output for sub is single. I split it off into the 3sixty from the soundcard. One into the sub, one to the center of the 3sixty. I have seperate control over the 2 subs now, and needed because one is under drivers seat and one in cargo area. I had a problem with the Bluetooth in my FIRST one, contacted Rockford and was quickly replaced citing the first batch had BT problems. I have been loving it since. You get way more EQ and level management than you could from the PC in the way we want it. I recommend it for your application. The software is easy and like I said it communicates via bluetooth. My 3sixty is barried under the cargo area and it connects fine. Let me know if you have any other questions.


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        Guess not, good luck