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Capacitor displays 12.8 Volts, but displays 0 AMP current

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  • Capacitor displays 12.8 Volts, but displays 0 AMP current

    I have a 5 Farad capacitor from Soundstream. It has a built in distribution block and voltage & current display. I am not getting any power to my pc, amplifiers. It displays on the capacitor 12.8 volts and 0 AMP current. What does this mean? Can the capacitor be blown and what may be the cause? Any info will be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Do you have a fuse near the battery? Maybe its blown and the cap has still charge in it.


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      Thanks for the reply. I do have a fuse between the battery and the capacitor. However, that fuse is still intact. If this helps any, the capacitor has a funny burnt smell. I am thinking its a blown capacitor leading to an incomplete circuit which would give a display voltaged of 12.8 Volts and no current. I am wondering what could cause a the capacitor to blow?


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        what's the fuse rating? Excess current will blow you cap. Do you have it connected in parallel or series?


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          So we are on the same page, how did you have your cap installed?
          The only reason I can think of that you are getting these readings is improper install. On one side you should have a neg terminal and positive terminals. It will display but not power your devices if you have only the power line from the amp hooked up to one side, and on the side the output to the devices. In this config you can damage the cap.

          The way it should be wired up is, The neg terminal should be going straight to ground. The positive terminal should have the power line from the battery hooked up to it, and on the same side, the positive terminal should have the power line intended to go to the devices you intend to power up.
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