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Static, Crackling speakers

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  • Static, Crackling speakers

    Hey guys I was trying to figure this out and I hope you can help. My sound runs fine with the exception of a loud pop on windows entrance. However, about 5 mins into a trip I start to hear crackling static from the speakers. Any idea? It's odd to be bc I don't year it right away. I tried to play with the frequency and the speakers tend to do it regardless. Please help, beach bound tomorrow!

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    To add to this, if I shut down when the crackling begins and restart. The crackling is gone but then later comes back.


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      Things like this can usually be solved by adjusting your PCI latency. Video cards, whether on-board or not, tend to demand precedence over the bus, letting the little guys like the sound card get the short stick causing crackling and popping.
      Do a google search on PCI Latency, you'll find some programs that will allow you to change it within windows if the options are not available in your bios.
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