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High quality 3.5mm to RCA y audio cables??

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  • High quality 3.5mm to RCA y audio cables??

    I had monster cables, which i got at a huge discount a while back from best buy, which are terriblly made, and stripped real easily...

    i'm looking to invest a decent amount into a few y-audio cables

    3.5mm jack to RCA's (you know, sound card to amp)

    i'm not trying to break the bank cuz i dont have an amazing setup, but I want to upgrade these to something with quality, with low distortion, and they need to be somewhat durable. (around 8ft long cables) I know very little about cable quality, shielded is good...i think?

    I read about tsunami and raptor series, but was not able to find the cable I need made by them.

    any recommendations for things I can purchase either at a local store, or online store would be greatly appreciated.

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    I made my own using, well, Monster Cable...
    The cable itself is pretty decent quality (I used THX certified). I use Neutrik phono jacks and the 'fake' Nakamichi RCA's...
    Haven't listened to it yet though, but home made is certainly the way to go.

    I used chassis RCA's to run from the phono jacks, then 4 pairs of RCA's to run off them to the amps. I think it was easier to do this than run pairs off a single phono jack.

    I think I have 4 or 5 Neutrik 90 degree 1/8" jacks still...(I decided to go with the straight jacks instead)


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      well i have done a lot of home making stuff for the carpc, but at this point in time, i really have no time to do it, otherwise that'd be my preference, i hear nothing but good things about making at home cables.

      but since I have little time to invest right now, I'd prefer to get something in the 20 dollar range per cable (but i'm open to suggestions for cheaper or more expensive if its significantly better) that is fairly good quality and wont break on me, and build my own later when I find spare time...yea the monster cables sounded pretty decent for a while, until i checked the amp connection, and the connection was kinda demolished.

      if you have any suggestions for premade cables, or just good brands/series in general, cuz I really know nothing about cable quality. I see cables by boston acoustic and monster cable at best buy...and know nothing about them.

      If building cables is drastically better for a mediocre audio setup, and not too time consuming, I'm willing to follow, but for the time being I need something premade, and soon, cuz I'm at the point where I'd rather listen to my old engine chugging along then my music.