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Connecting CarPC to stock head unit.

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  • Connecting CarPC to stock head unit.

    hey guys i drive an 2007 ford mustang and my current setup consists of a Mac Mini, i currently do not own an amp, so i will be wire the speakers via the stock head unit. However i have not the slightest clue how i'm going to do this. I've searched the boards but haven't really found anything to help me with my particular situation.

    If you guys know a good thread that could explain how to go about this that would be great. Some questions i had was how would the stock head unit be powered? Directly to the battery i'm assuming, but the HU connector has following wires
    12v line from the battery
    12v acc line
    Lines out to the speakers (usually 4 pair or more)
    Other miscellaneous wires for various other functions

    If i don't cut the connector off altogether will i need to tap into the acc line? I'm under the impression that this is the only way to go since cutting off the connector would cut power to the head unit and the head unit can't be powered by my psu right?

    p.s. the stock headunit has a "line in" which allows you to connect an ipod. It looks like the mac mini line in can plug into this, any thought

    stock HU looks like this, will try to get pictures of actual wiring
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    Why would you alter the wiring of the stock stereo at all? Leave it the heck alone, man!
    And if the stock stereo has aux inputs for an iPod, you should be able to run the PC's audio directly to it.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      x2 somethin like this should suit you fine


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        If thats the case i'm going to need to extend the wire harness for the stock radio in order to relocate the HU somewhere else in my car, b/c thats where my screen is going. I figured that i needed to utilize the acc wire from that harness to connect to my PSU, but if i don't cut the harness does that mean i will likely have to tap into the acc wire like in the following picture

        If i manage to find a connector extension (for lack of a better term) for my HU will problems arise with resistance, due to the longer distance. I know buying an amp will make life easier, but for the time being thats not an option, so any help greatly appreciated.
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          Hoping more picture help

          Front of my head unit

          Back of HU with wire harness detached, there are to connection ports in the back haven't tested to see what each is responsible for. IMPORTANT: DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO REMOVE THE YELLOW ANTENNA WIRE YOU SEE IN THE PICTURE. I've googled but have not found an exact step by step guide.

          Here is a picture of the wire harness. I have no idea how to extend these wires so that i can successfully relocate my HU somewhere else and install my modified screen bezel in its place.

          This use to be mounted in the inside of my cubby box (center console) before i modified it to fit the Mac Mini.

          Here is a picture of the back with the cables that get attached to it.

          Any help whatsoever is appreciated, even if you simply forward me a link to another thread.

          Thanks in advance.
          My current setup