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  • 80g Zune to pioneer

    Hi, i know im a noob and all, i have searched the fourms, and havnt been able to find the answer im looking for. First of all i have an 80g Zune. second i have a pioneer DEH-P49001B for my headunit.
    As of right now i have a headphone jack to L and R rca's, then behind the unit i have a bunch of splitters to basically integrate my headphone cable iinto all 3 channels on the head unit. front, back, sub. this is the only way i was able to get the zune to play on al 3 channels. my problem is the volume control is only thru the zune, i want to be able to use my head unit to change volume. also i think my cable is going bad cause i have to wiggle it around on the zune to get it to play sometimes. anyways what im wanting to know is if theres an easier way to hook the zune up with usuing a fm transmitter. i was reading about the pioneer thing, PN CD-UB100 USB deal, but im not sure if thats what i need for the zune, sure i can plug a HD into it, but i want my zune. i know I-pod has a box that plugs into the radio but apparently they dont have one for Zune.. Who has solved this problem? im not too worried about what it cost, let me know. thanks