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Need help with possible new speakers and amp selection

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  • Need help with possible new speakers and amp selection

    Hey all.

    As you can tell I am new here and just want to ask a couple questions.

    Im looking into buying a new system for my car. I have researched quiet a bit and learned about materials and what to look for in a speaker. So far I have decided to match 6 x 9 and 6.5. I havent yet decided exactly what brand to go with though. Basically i have been looking at Pioneer Premiers, Clarions or Kickers. Each of them are running at 40 - 90 rms.

    Basically the main question here is can I run these off of a deck and under power them. Will this do damage to them. Also if i do under power them, i just need to watch the sound volume correct? I dont listen to overly loud music, just loud enough that i can hear it clear.

    Also what should I look for on how many ways the speakers are. Should I be looking into 2 way. What style goes with what music. I mainly play mainstream, country, rock that type of music.

    Im also looking into a subwoofer. I found a 1200 max watt, 400 rms 10" MTX for sale. What would i need for an amp. Also what would i need for an amp with the other speakers if needed.

    Im sorry if i left anything out and will gladly any unanswered information. Im new at this so please bare with me :P

    Ben McNabb