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Kenwood kna g510 installing into ALPINE head unit...

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  • Kenwood kna g510 installing into ALPINE head unit...

    I have to do some chopping and changing of cables because I have the kenwood KNA-G510 navigation unit (which is basically a Garmin GVN-53) but it has the added capability of being used in a touch screen capacity with kenwood head units.

    The problem with the kna-g510 is it has a Kenwood RGB navigation plug 13 pin I/F (KHD-5L1) which is used to plug directly into the kenwood brand of head units. This is no good as I have the alpine head unit which accepts a different looking plug the, NVE-N077 which is also 13 pin.

    There is also a nice diagram of the pin out configuration for the NVE-N077 on this website, which shows which is what wire and what it does...

    So initially I thought to order a replacement wiring harness for the garmin gvn 53 (garmin part number 010-10826-02) that will plug directly into the kenwood kna-g510 and use this harness to connect to my AUX inputs on my Alpine IVA-W200E head unit. I would also need to use the garmin remote control in order to control the navigation system (garmin part number 010-10826-01).

    I still need to confirm whether the garmin remote control will work with the kenwood KNA-G510 - considering that the kenwood navigation unit is designed to work directly with a touch screen kenwood interface I'm not sure that it will work.... But I will confirm this - or if someone knows if they could let me know that would be GREAT

    But then I started thinking, hmmmmm, I have a 13 pin kenwood output plug from the navigation unit, I wonder if it will could possibly be manipulated to be used with the Alpine 13 pin RGB navigation plug??

    I found a few interesting threads on this website about trying to use the alpine RGB navigation input to gain access to the LCD screen which makes me think that it should be something that is not too difficult - in theory I should be able to get a picture from the kenwood / garmin navigation unit the difficult part will be whether or not the Alpine head unit can control the navigation unit - if it can be done at all...

    I guess what I'm really looking to build is a cable that will go from either garmin's GVN-53 RCA cable to alpine's RGB navigation input OR go from kenwood kna G510 RGB cable ( I think it is an rgb output configuration) to alpine's RGB navigation input..... Which I think is an alpine KCE-030N cable but in reverse ~ I think....

    I guess the first place to start would be to try and get a wiring diagram of the outputs of the kenwood / garmin navigation unit, which I found here:

    I know it's now exactly the same as what I have in terms of outputs (however on the bottom of the kenwood unit it does say GARMIN GVN 53) but if we can somehow hook these outputs up to the alpine 13 pin RGB navigation inputs then we will be in business!

    Anyway, let me know what your all thinking...

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    It appears like you are trying to reinvent the wheel. Personally I'd abandon any attempt at doing this. The only and main reason why I say that is the fact that you can connect the properly tagged wires from one unit to the other all day long and it may be correct, but the simple fact that the communication protocols between the 2 units may not be compatible. Its like one japanese man taking to the chinese man, It may sound similar to an outside observer, but they still need a translator to properly communicate.
    IMHO, it may be a lot of work, with little payoff. But if you do get it to work, I will be the first to give you props.
    "In the beginners mind there are many possibilities, but in the experts mind there are few."- Shunryu Suzuki
    "Do it right or don't do it at all"

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      These are my thoughts exactly in regards to my alpine head unit being able to control the kenwood navigation system, but I think I "should" be able to use the RGB output of the kenwood nav unit in the RGB nav input of the Alpine head unit to get a picture on the head unit...

      From reading other posts it looks like kenwood uses v-sync & h-sync, whilst with alpine it looks like they use c-sync - so I suppose the first thing I'd need to do is convert it to c-sync......

      I will also get a standard garmin wiring harness for the time being and connect the nav unit to the AUX input of my head unit.


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        Need help ALPINE cda 7894 diagram

        If anyone can assist me with a diagram for a alpine cda 7894 i would greatly appreciate it


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          Hi. Were you able to control the kna-g510 from the alpine head unit? I have the same head unit, and I am looking to do the same. Alpine does not have maps where I live, but garmin does. Getting this to work would be perfect for me.


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            I'll go ahead and assume this isn't possible?

            I was hoping to use a KNA G510 with an Alpine TME-M740BT, but I guess I'll have to settle for the NVE-872a if I can ever find one.