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Toslink inputs for sound card

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  • Toslink inputs for sound card

    So I'm using the optical XM mod, but I also have the HD radio box. My issues is that the card I have has one input that is both true optical and linein (your only supposed to need one at a time). I need to wire in two inputs into here.

    Idea #1
    I can use a RCA to toslink converter for the radio signal. From there I just need a way to send both signals into the same plug. the first thought is to get a toslink splitter and use it backwards. If I can manage to have the computer only turn on one of the two devices at any given time, then I can simply have them running together and it wouldn't matter. I would never have two signals running at the same time.

    The other option along that path is to use an expensive toslink selector. It would work, but cost about 10 times as much.

    Now this may end up being a moot point if I cant get my sound card working right again and I can just buy one that does what I want, but we'll see. Right now this is the problem I need solved.
    Computer is in the car, but in a very "raw" install right now.

    Worklog - here