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    I have a Honda Civic 2008 that I am putting in a carputer and taking out the radio. Can someone recommend an amplifier that would drive the stock 4 speakers and give me about 20% more power that the original radio? I am not looking to spend a lot but would go for a hundred or two. I am a newbie at this so please excuse me if this sounds stupid.

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    alot of factory radios are matched with the speakers power wise.

    eg radio might be 10W per channel, with 10W speakers.

    putting a "bigger" amp in may not make the desired difference, you may need to replace the speakers.

    if you just want sound, at a guess, a minimal 4 channel amp would work fine


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      Thats alot of older factory radios hondas and toyotas really dont need to have there speakers upgraded, my advice is to take it down to your local car audio specialist and see what the most powerful amp you can get for the stocks is, you can then buy basically any amp thats rated under that power

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