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Ipod, PMP or HDD for great in-car sound?

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  • Ipod, PMP or HDD for great in-car sound?

    Hi All,

    I am interested to have tons of music that can be stored and able to playback high quality in car, best if there's video but that's secondary.

    Which options should I look into?
    1.) Get an Ipod and aftermarket accessories to produce high quality sound. Which are the accessoriess?

    2.) Get Portable Media Player with built in HDD or Flash memory, and mod install into in car entertainment?

    3.) DIY HDD + Sound card and connect to In-car system?

    Which prodcued the best sound?

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    Since you are posting on a site dedicated to integrating computers into cars, I would suggest that route.
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      x2 on the computer..........................................
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