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  • Power Supply to Car amp

    I recently got a power supply out of a Dell Optiplex Desktop. I hooked the PSU up to my car amp so I could play my games through the subwoofer. Ok there is a green wire and a black wire I spliced and twirled together. This lets the PSU turn on without having to be plugged into the motherboard. After this you connect one of the yellow wires from the PSU to the 12volt on the amp. Then you connect a black wire to the ground on the amp. Well the problem I'm having is when I turn the power supply on the fan starts going and then I see the light on the amp come on a good sign. Then the amp and power supply just turn off. But the wierd thing is that I can hold the green and black wires together until the amp start to come on. Then I just tap the two wires together and the PSU and amp run without stopping. It's like I have to get the PSU started up before it can get enough power to start everything. Also when I turn the amp up to loud it shuts off and I don't turn it up that loud. I'm thinking the power supply might just not be powerful enough. If anyone know please comment. Thanks

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    not sure about the turning on and off but as far as shutting off when you turn it up, it's because you blowing way past the specs on that 12v line. that thing is probably rated at 10 amps on the 12v line, the amp could be pulling anywhere from 40-100 amps
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