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Honda Accord 98' - is it possible to use stock amp?

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  • Honda Accord 98' - is it possible to use stock amp?


    I am trying to install CarPC on my Honda Accord 98' Coupe VTec.
    This car comes with BOSE audio system and I know it has an amplifier.
    I found the 1998 Honda accord service manual and the diagram shows that actually only the subwoofer is connected through EQ and amplifier.
    My question is, do I need to replace this amplifier and get another one to connect all 6 speakers and sub to the new amplifier or I can somehow use the stock amplifier.
    Does the original stock Head Unit amplify signal to 6 speakers installed in the car (dash, front door, rear door - x2). Or am I looking a t wrong diagram here?
    Anyone has Sound system diagram for 98' Accord Coupe VTec?
    I believe that if the diagram is correct, then I need to install AMP, do not think onboard SB would handle the speakers.
    Anyone, experience with using some stock audio system components (AMP, EQ)?

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    Hmmmm......I have a 2000 Accord and I never knew the Accords came with a bose system. As for your question, I would just get another amp.


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      bose system, you sure you dont mean maxima? or mustang?
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        If your Accord has the bose system, I would recommend taking it to a professional shop to have everything wired up. You'll need an interface to work with the BOSE system properly. You could find the interface yourself, and probably wire it up, if you can read instructions and feel comfortable doing so.

        And Yes, Honda did have vehicles with BOSE systems, for those that are questioning it. lol


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          Thanks for your answers guys


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            Amp stock is gay