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  • Jl Audio Amp Question

    i recentely bought a jl audio amp online which i will never do again off of ebay. i recevied the amp and so i connected it to test it no output just a clipping distorted sound from the sub. so i take it to someone who can check it and they say that the outputs are blown. so my question can this be replaced and still be a like new amp.

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    Sorry to hear that... Unfortunately your out of luck, you bought the amp from an unauthorized JL Audio retailer (even if they say they are, they arent... Believe me) and your pretty much SOL. JL will only fix items bought through an authorized JL Audio retailer. My guess is that the serial number was also removed/scratched off? If it wasnt scratched off, you MAY be able to take it to an authorized retailer in your area and have them send it in to JL for repairs. But it all depends on that serial number being there, and the likelyhood of that seeing as its an ebay item... Next to nil :S

    Good luck
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      i mean it still has the serial number sticker on it and i have a recpeit for it but the store that it was bought from is not an authorized dealer. i took it to jl audio authorized dealer store and they are going to fix it for me for 300 dollars.


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        Well since it has the original serial number on it thats good then, your lucky there. Most of the time ebay sellers scratch off that serial number and your up the creek without a paddle.
        As for your JL dealer charing you 300 to fix it... Holy crap... Did you get the 1000/1 or the 450/5 or something? Thats expensive as hell. I got my 500/1 repaired for $180.

        Oh, also if JL is fixing it (most likely the store sends it back to JL for repairs) it will come back working perfectly. They do a really good job and they back their stuff. I've been a fan of JL for quite some time now and its great Havent had any problems with their stuff as long as it was taken proper care of
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          Yea but I was reading the manual to the amp and the warranty is only applicable to the original purchaser. Yes I have 08 model 1000/1 version 2 amplifier. I feel the price is accurate because it is the newer one. Also that is why I took it to a jl authorized dealer plus this place is filled with all types of jl stuf I mean tons and tma which is jl audio son company so I feel comfortable in a way having them fix it you know. plus i knew it would be expensive because these guys over price all the time just like any other dealer would. take for example the rbc-1(bass controller) on jl website it is 39.99 with shipping maybe 50 at the most. the stores are charging 69.99. this is why i bought it off of ebay for just 35 dollars lol. but yes i recently became a full jl audio fan i was always into rockford fosgate. i started with the p300-1 and a 15inch p3. then i started changing i got a jl 12 w6 version 2 and a rockford fosgate t500-1bd amp. now i have a 13.5 w7 in a custom box with the jl emblem on the back of box. and the 1000/1 version 2 amp. i mean just on my rca cables and fuse holder i spent 95 dollars which is all jl audio products that is without the fuse(because i am going today like 20 miles out of the way to get the jl audio anl fuse), i also have jl audio 8 guage meta wire for my speaker wire 1.50 a foot and the power wire dont get me stated on the price for that i also bought jl audio new meta wire 1/0 guage. so yea couple more things such as jl audio ground lug. and i will be al jl audio. then i move on to jl audio car speakers.


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            The warranty only applies to the previous owner, but thats the factory warranty. When you pay to get your amp repaired, they give you a warranty with it on the repair. Its not as long as the factory warranty, but it ensures that the amp doesnt go out on you in like a month or something. So its not bad.

            The 1000/1 may be a $300 fee, the 500/1 is $180 so that sounds about right for repairs.

            JL's awesome... Good luck with the repair, should turn out just fine.
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              o yes i was confused for a second but yes. well thanks for all your feedback. thanks well lets hope all is well with my amp. and jl audio all the way

              jl audio
              ahead of the curve


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                don't be a jl only fan, you'll get burned.. .well you are, you're paying way too much for wiring. don't be afraid to mix and match, you usually get better results. dont get me wrong jl's quality control on their subs are top notch but you can get similar or better sounding drivers for less. open up your eyes to other manufacturers before you go and buy jl component speakers, if you still like the jl components then go for it, but don't choose blindly.
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                  JL Components are good... But I personally have Focal Polyglass 165's and I love them. Sound amazing! But thats me

                  I really like JL's amps and subs though, they are the best for me personally... But different strokes for different folks.
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                    yes i know i have seen several other good brands for component speakers. like right now i have pioneer and i love them i mean no problems they sound good for only being 2 way. but as far as the jl audio wiring you know i seen the design of the wire and it interested me so i was like i might as well buy some of this stuff. it was a heafty price though. 9 bucks a foot for 1/0 awg ill let you do the math on that. First I had tsuanami wiring it was pretty good i spend a 1 a foot, and i was actually going to buy some of knu koncepts wiring then i seen the jl audio and grabbed that one first. dont get me wrong the actual wiring for my w7 to connect it internally is some cheap q-power wiring where i got 20 ft for five dollars. but i am doing some looking before i buy components any recommendations? i was really liking the design of soundstream i like spider grills.


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                      yeah I have to admit, I have a jl audio sub in my car but I have MTX 6000 amp running all 4 speakers and bridged to my sub! And man the car rocks hard! So if you do your homework you can normally find something to work without breaking the bank. Again nothing wrong with jl audio, but I do have infiniti component speakers that I have installed doors and sony 3 way 6.5 in my back panels. The sound alone is perfect and things are not all matching. My advise is you can mix it up and get great sound as said in the above post, just don't buy cheap! Meaning don't buy jensen, pyramid, items like those just won't give you the sound that you maybe looking for.

                      Good luck on your amp repair and happy car computing!


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                        Yea i know what you mean i am really trying to stick with name brands i mean all the way down to the wire literally cause like i said i mean i have jl pretty much everywhere. Even my speaker connectors are rockford fosgate. So yea i wanna be able to get something that is nice and clear. Like i gave my friend some visionik 6x9 man they are heavy and there 4/full range speakers they sound good and i know there cheap.


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                          Originally posted by jperez214 View Post
                          plus i knew it would be expensive because these guys over price all the time just like any other dealer would. take for example the rbc-1(bass controller) on jl website it is 39.99 with shipping maybe 50 at the most. the stores are charging 69.99. this is why i bought it off of ebay for just 35 dollars lol.

                          Also remember, your not only paying for the product, you are also paying for service. Local stores have bills to pay thats why their cost are higher, they have lighting, building cost, employees, ect. where as online alot of the companies are ran out of someones house with a tax id and $250 allowing them to become an incorporated business with little to no overhead cost. They still work their daily grind and sell from the internet when not working. Alot of times these guys have an arangement set up with local dealers where they buy product for a % over cost and then turn and sell on ebay and such. The dealed does this because they know thats about the only way they will keep a little money rollin in.

                          Thank of it this way if you made $40.00/hr and someone on the internet could do the same work, quality, and turnaround time for $20.00/hr how long would it take for you to be out of a job.

                          Sorry for taking the subject off topic, I thought it might be a good idea to share with some misguided souls as to how the internet selling relates to local ma and pop stores. I am not totaly against online shopping, its like Scott-fx said good components can be had for less, There are specialty fourms and companys for these products (thats how my home audio is being built). Back to the OP's situation where will he be in the next year or two when his local shop closes because the mass of shoppers have the same mentality I want a Bentley for the cost of a Yugo, sure that is a crude example but it is what it is, and then when there is problems or issues with the product where does the online shopper want to turn, well now that local shop is a good place because they can get the stuff fixed.

                          Most audio stores will move on pricing, its not wal-mart or k-mart. Stores mave a map pricing which is the minimum advertised price, and contracts state that they cant list it for less then that. but they can sell it for what ever price want to be it full retail or $1 over cost. Most shops work off a relationship basis as well you buy more stuff and you get bigger discounts. Even though this post will not change anyones views support your local shop.
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                            i mean i understand my father owns his own mechanic shop and someone comes in and wants there bad frontbrakes replaced so he will charge them 40 bucks. so lets take that 40... 25 for brakes and 15 for labor. where if the customer was to buy the brakes before it would be less because those same brakes that my dad just charged 25 are really 16 bucks at the auto parts store. and at that my dad has a contract with the store so he has an even bigger discount. Reason for over charging like you said lights, workers, product, tools and biggest one of them all a family to feed. so yes i understand where you coming from and what you are saying. but like everyone else in this world i am looking for a bargain. we all want the same thing a dam good job for cheap. just turns out though we can hardly find those deals thats why we bargain, use coupons,and use the internet because all we have to do is press one tab and it puts the same product in order from lowest to highest. but yes i do like to go to the store rather then use the internet at times because i like to have what ever it is right away and plus i get nervous shipping thinking some one could easily open my package and take my product. i mean those people dont care if you have insurance on you product. well anyways back to the subject jl audio all the way and my amp is getting repaired at an car audio store. so remember support your stores.