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Will 1.5ghz be enough for tuning?

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  • Will 1.5ghz be enough for tuning?

    I purchased a 1.5ghz VIA motherboard last year but never got around to using it for a carpc project but now I finally have a chance to and I'm kind of confused after reading all the info. on here. It seems as if 1.5ghz is not enough to do processing but what if we use VSThost instead of Console? Console seems to be more cpu hungry than VSThost. And I was also planning on using a recording interface to output my 6 channels, which would reduce the load on CPU since the PCI & outboard box of the itnerface takecare of the oversampling and etc. I would onnly be running Delay, Crossover, & EQ. Would this be too much for a 1.5ghz?

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    I searched for hours last night for a VST hosting program that wouldn't hog the CPU. I finally landed on Audiomulch which is known around here. It seems as if it doesn't occupy the CPU much. Any one have hands on experience with this?